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Miyerkules, Setyembre 17, 2014

Home Rental: Apartment vs. Condominium

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For us “probinsyanos”, working in the big cities in the Metro is quite a challenge, sorting out different budget strategies to compensate for expenses like travel fees, food allowance and a decent place to live apart from our usual home. Many of us will choose to rent an apartment for this would probably be most economical but let me tell you this particular situation that may make you want to reconsider.

My sister and her friends’ (a group of seven persons) situation is different. Why? They choose to rent a condominium unit. The unit though is not that fully-furnished unlike the top class condos in Fort Bonifacio for sale but still pretty decent. I guess you would think that their choice was a no brainer for they have money to spare, or their salary is quite higher than usual. Well, you (and I) thought wrong. In the first months of their jobs, they are also renting an apartment. Thinking it through, one of my sister’s “barkada” suggested this idea.
I’m not there at their actual conversation but the concept went like, if there are different factors to consider with that choice, like the number of person that will be sharing the condo expenses, the water and electric bills, how comfortable it is compared to their previous apartment situation.

Here is the breakdown of their expenses:

Apartment unit (max 3-4 persons):
9,500Php monthly rent + 300Php water bill + 400Php electric bill = 10,200Php Total monthly expenses.

Condominium unit (max 7-8 persons):
15,000Php monthly rent + 1,900Php Association fees (water bill included) + 600 electric bill = 17,500 Total monthly expenses.

Having to rent 2 apartment units for their group would cost up to 20,400Php per month, which is 2915Php per head. A condominium unit on the other hand costs 17,500Php per month at 2,500Php per head. How about saving 415Php a month? Their choice however is an isolated case and it may vary for different experiences.

I ask my sister, “Are you having problems with space? With the comfort rooms?” I mean, 7 persons in one condominium unit would probably be a scuffle… She said that the unit they are in has 2 bedrooms with spacious living room thus space is not a problem. When it comes to comfort rooms, she said that they have only one in their unit; however, the comfort room in the building’s lobby is always available.

And apart from the expenses, what else could be the advantage of this choice? She said that there’s a lot there that offers condominium units but they choose the unit they’re staying in for it is the nearest from their office. Though their unit isn’t that fully furnished than other expensive units, she said that it is far better than their situation in their last apartment structural-, neatness- and cleanliness-wise. Plus, it is safer there for the security is very much overwhelming and in case there is a power shut down, (brown out or black out) the condominium has back-up power generators.

Summing it up, the choice that they have made fit their necessities and requirements with them having lesser expenses than their previous experience. It worked well for them maybe because renting a condominium unit for a group of people is really more economically recommended than renting an apartment. Like what I’ve said earlier, different situation may vary, and it is up to your preferences and budget limit in case you will be in the same circumstances.

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